We will help you find and keep the best people.


✓ Recruitment at half cost

✓ Flat rate services

✓ We recommend candidates personally

✓ Results in 7 days

HR services

✓ We will do the work you do not have the time for 

✓ We can motivate your people

✓ We will find opportunities for savings

✓ We will streamline your processes

“Excellent guidance and consultation on the proper management of employees, tolerance of their shortcomings and the use of their knowledge to 100%.”

Jaroslav Glaser, revolution/it CEO

“I do not have good experience with agencies, but you refer great candidates to us. They have quality profiles and, most importantly, are motivated to work for us.”

Lucia Slezáková, TABP Novartis

“As one of the few you can present and sell Storyous very well.”

Bára Třeslínová, Storyous HR


“I was very pleasantly surprised by the well-thought-out and prepared recruitment system of Network Agency.”

Jan Šťastný , Manager of Technical Solutions Price fx


“There are few agencies that can put so much energy into presentation of clients and their visions, while providing high-quality motivated candidates who want to further improve Liftago and grow with it.”

Michaela Procházková, HR Liftago


We will find the people you need


With us, you do not pay for candidates, but for the long and continuous process of finding people who will really fit in. First, we will get to know your company well to save you time and money when recruiting. You know who you need, we have the experience and the network of contacts to always find this person for you.

We will give order and ideas to work with people

Human Resources

We will take over the HR agenda, which you do not have the time or desire to take care of yourself. We have detached view and will give your people solutions that will make their lives easier. Whether you need to manage contracts, determine management skills or reduce employee turnover, our approach will deliver measurable results.


We work for Czech and foreign companies. Communication in English is a natural everyday occurrence for us. We speak fluent German and gain recruitment experience both across Europe as well as outside of it.

We are efficient, have the Lean Six Sigma certification and know our way around the agile environment of development, production and services. 


Markéta & Network Agency

Everything depends on people - success and failure of the company, growth and stagnation, red and black numbers.

On my professional journey, I have supported teams of various sizes and specializations and found out that the path to the destination always leads through well-established processes and proper people management. That is why I founded Network Agency.

My colleagues and I offer a comprehensive view of HR and attention to detail, whether it is interviews, bonus systems, payroll systems or leadership and talent development. I enjoy looking for untapped potential and ways to save your money and time. Let’s meet and find the best solution just for you. I’m looking forward to it!

I will get in touch


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