We will tune up the image of your company

Marketing makes the world go round

Just like people decide which product to buy, they also decide which company they want to work for. Together with you, we will show the world what it is like to work for your company and reveal how it works there.

We can create and text career pages so that the candidate feels as if they are already sitting with you in the office. We will devise and see to the recruitment strategy for you, write job ads and say where to advertise them, so that they reach exactly your target candidates and do not cost you a fortune.

We are not afraid to explore new possibilities and follow the paths that other companies are scared of or have not yet discovered. We use social networks, PPC ads, take photos, shoot, write and it all pays off.


We will do the following for you

We will write job ads

Career sites, advertising, posts. We speak the language of your people.

Recruitment video

We will shoot a recruitment spot or promo video. We will create the script and ensure professional production..

Online Marketing

Social networks are everywhere. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, entrust us with them.

Marketing strategy

We will create a whole concept that will harmonize with the image of your company and your people.

The reach of posts and conversions will increase by


Our campaigns

Recruitment campaign for revolution/it

Revolution/it has the recruitment strategy from us in the form of slogans, four creative banners, advertising and the creation of the career website, including texts.

Career website for ista

We helped ista to fine-tune their career website to include everything important that the candidate needs to know immediately, and we wrote job descriptions.

Recruitment campaign for Restia

We created the recruitment campaign for Restia, including slogans, three creative banners, advertising and the creation of the career website, including texts.

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Marketing services

We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made price offer for you.



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