Your strength is in the people

We will give your HR a clear direction as well as results.

Thanks to a precisely managed HR agenda and setting up functional processes, we save your time as well as money. We can support your HR department in activities that task it unnecessarily. And we can also become your direct external personnel officer or team.

We always proceed from what you specifically need and what can result in the biggest benefit for you. We believe that a successful company is made up of satisfied people, and we know how to take good care of yours.


What can we help you solve?

We will take over routine and strategic activities

From personnel systems to team buildings.  We will support your HR department where it needs it most.

We optimize business processes

We will simplify information flows and set up processes to make your people’s work easier..

We consult about HR strategies

The right decisions at the right time. We will find the answers to strategic questions. Najdeme odpovědi na strategické otázky.

We manage employee development

Talented people like to stay where they can grow. We will design for you a meaningful concept taking care of them.

On average, we reduce companies’ costs by


Step by step



We will get straight to the point. We will ask a lot, watch and suggest.


Cooperation proposal

We will present an effective concept of how to use HR to support your business goals.


We work at your office

We support your HR staff and also think of further improvements.


We train you

We will train your people and create permanent procedures. Our know-how is here for you.

Book your HR officer


“Excellent guidance and consultation on the proper management of employees, tolerance of their shortcomings and the use of their knowledgeto 100%.”

Jaroslav Glaser

CEO, revolution/it

“We do not have internal HR in Altepro yet, but Network Agency is fully replacing it – whether it is a support for employees or strategic board decisions that we discuss together.”

Tomáš Zloch

CTO, Altepro


Administrative services

Hourly rate for administrative work

from600 Kč

Info about the price

We will prepare contracts, dismissals, directives, documents for you, we will take care of personal data of your employees and other administration. We can do all administrative work online.

External HR professional

Hourly rate of an HR officer that works for you

from1.000 Kč

Info about the price

Recruitment. Interviews. HR marketing. Onboarding. Job descriptions. Human development. Management & leadership.

Use our know-how and experience to your advantage. We know what practical steps to take to make your HR strategy bear fruit.

Consultations, mentoring

Hourly rate for a one-time consultation or mentoring of your HR colleagues

from1.200 Kč

Info about the price

Corporate crisis. Legal or strategic issues. Which person to dismiss and which person to hire? What changes to make?

 Consulting with a professional will save you dead ends as well as time and worries. You will collect your thoughts and we will together plan the specific steps that you need to take.

We will determine a clear plan, direct and train your people so that you do not have to.


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