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We are here for you, whether you need to recruit, outsource or support your personnel activities or help with the administration. We think of every detail for you. We will take on operational as well as strategic tasks to make your company successful. 


Why cooperate with us?

Fair price

100% clear game rules + 0% unnecessary talk. You know what you are paying for..

We work fast

We are agile. We get more work done in less time which pays off for us as well as you.

You can count on us

We are not limited by working hours. We are here for you when you need us..

We will help you

We create steps from head to toe. We will vám produce real results..

We have saved hundreds of thousands CZK for this many companies. We work smartly and efficiently. 


Who is behind all this? 



CEO & HR Manager

Markéta is the heart and head of Network Agency. She creates, designs, arranges and implements a project for a small business owner as well as a large corporation. She has the gift of connecting people who would not otherwise come into contact with each other, and can use her extensive experience at the right time. She enjoys asking questions to get to the heart of the matter and has that sixth sense for finding original solutions where others do not see them.



HR Expert & Coach

Šárka is empathetic and uses this trait to the maximum - whether it is coaching, setting up a recruitment strategy with managers or solving relationships in the workplace (and outside of it). She helps people clarify their goals, ideas, needs, values and connect them with reality. She feels best in places where the emphasis is on good and long-term relationships. 

Jana loves development, both professional and personal. She has combined many years of experience in HR, where she prefers to educate and motivate people, with coaching. She now motivates and helps with developing people through development workshops and individual coaching, where she brings her empathetic as well as pragmatic nature. 



HR Development & Coach

Kristýna is a happy-go-lucky person in high spirits. Even when you hear her voice on the phone, it is clear to you that anything can be done calmly and with a smile. She will choose for you exactly that candidate that best suits you professionally and as a human being. And she would even know what they like for breakfast. Go ahead and try it!



Sourcer & Recruiter



HR Marketing

Martin is our silent drive in the background, driving the campaigns, shooting videos and devising various communication paths between the candidates, you and us. He has an innate pro-client approach and will solve every problem that we need to solve for you. Wake him up at midnight and he would come up with new ideas and start implementing them without any fuss.



Sourcer & Recruiter

Alenka is an active HR enthusiast. She got down to the personnel work in recruitment with us and is now discovering the creation of recruitment strategies for individual positions. Her biggest advantage is communication with people and her kind and helpful approach. You may be surprised that her great passion is acting.

Janča prefers the administration to communicating with people. She prepares contracts and papers with excellent thoroughness. She creates and analyses reports and, based on this, proposes a process improvement trick and draws our attention to any shortcomings.



HR Admin

Adél knows how to inspire people with her huge drive. Before you make your morning coffee, she would have managed the work of several people. Whatever you need, you can count on her to use her know-how with great energy, find the right people and go to the end of the world to get what you want. She is empathetic and has a natural sense of what people need.



Operations Manager

Markéta Hildebrandtová, network agency 

“There are a thousand ways to outsource HR services. I will find the best one for you.”



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