We will find the people that you need

Do you want to have the strongest competitive advantage in the market?

Competent employees.

You can buy better machines, programs, modernize offices, but the right selection of employees is fundamental to success.

We will find for you the best employees who have a good chance of staying with you and getting your company a little further. We are interested in how your company works, what its success is based on, what people work for you and what people are right for you. This allows us to select and prepare the candidates that you really need.

Advantages for you

The best price

We save on recruitment costs. za nábor. We save on recruitment costs. With us, you pay for the service, not three times the salary as a commission.

Time savings

We usually fill vacancies within 1-2 months.We will take care of fast and efficient selection processes without burdening you with additional meetings.

Clear results

You know how we are doing right after the first week.We report the results regularly.

High-quality candidates

We do not forward CVs. We thoroughly test and check candidates..

We will find candidates in half the time and for half the cost 


Advantages for you



We will know thoroughly how it works in your company and what you really need.



We will start searching for people. We have functional tools and contacts.



We will check selected people. We will identify their strengths and weaknesses.



We will refer the best candidates to you and support their onboarding.



We are interested in your satisfaction. We would continue to support you.

Find your hero


“I do not have good experience with agencies, but you refer great candidates to us. They have quality profiles and, most importantly, are motivated to work for us.”

Lucia Slezáková

TA Business Partner, Novartis

"There are few agencies that can put so much energy into presentation of clients and their visions, while providing high-quality motivated candidates who want to further improve Liftago and grow with it.”

Michaela Procházková

HR, Liftago

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the well-thought-out and prepared recruitment system of Network Agency. After an interview with Markéta, who listened carefully to where I wanted to direct my career, I was offered one specific position that precisely reflected my experience. I received accurate information about the company, including details of what people they were looking for to join their team. I arrived to the interview perfectly prepared, which made the decision-making much easier. I choose very carefully who I want to work with and, with Network Agency, I - as they say - hit the bull’s-eye.”

Jan Šťastný

Manager Technical Solutions, Price fx


Sourcing Fee

Monthly fee for searching for and contacting suitable candidates.

from 40.000 Kč

Info about the price

Active search for and contact of candidates, monitoring of opportunities, networking within target groups, application of new recruitment trends, promotion of the vacancy, regular reporting and statistics.

We make sure every day that you have the right people in the right roles.

Recruitment Fee

One-time fee for the right candidate.

from 20.000 Kč

Info about the price

We will select the best candidates that meet your requirements. We will refer them to you and inform them about everything they need to know about the job they would do for you so they can make a decision. They will have the necessary interviews and tests with us to identify their knowledge and personality.

We will go through the entire selection process with them and we will be available to you and them at all times, including the final feedback.

You will pay us once after the interview.

Hiring Fee

You do not pay for when a candidate starts the job.


Info about the price

Our goal is to refer to you, on a long-term basis, people who will fit in with you and will benefit you. Not one month, but one year, two years or ten years. Therefore, we make long-term efforts to find them and do not charge one-time payments for when they start working for you.


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